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College Service Scholarship

Open to any eligible Minerva High School Junior or Senior.  The Minerva Mission Scholarship has been established to reward graduating seniors who display a commitment to serving others. Examples are a local church, community organizations, or non-profits.

The Minerva Mission board will award $1,000 and $500 scholarships based on the number of hours completed and which organizations benefited from the service work.

All completed applications must be submitted by April 22

Scholarships can be used towards tuition, but it is not limited to just that.  These dollars can used to purchase technology such as laptops, or iPads, job training, and down payments on vehicles, as well as other creative uses.

If the need is something other than these examples, please provide a brief description in 100 words or less, of how you plan to use the reward, and how it can help you after graduation.

Suggested areas of service: Minerva Mission Student Mentoring, Minerva Community Meals ,Minerva Local schools Spring Clean Up, Stark or Carroll County Humane Society, Habitat for Humanity (Based on project timing)

To apply, visit

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